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Video Studio 1 & 2
Times Square’s most energetic view overlooking the intersection of Broadway and 46th Street. Our studio is adaptable with the ability to block out the lights of the Square to do film and product shoots. Our malleable studio has a large lounge for creative teams who need to be on hand to comment on creative decisions.

Both studios offer multi-camera switching with the ability to record high-definition video, switch between multiple cameras and capture pristine audio. We also offer a spacious lounge with monitoring capability, private makeup & dressing rooms.

Podcast Studio
Podcast using top-of-the-line gear in a quiet, climate-controlled room.
Ideal for 1-6 People and remote podcasts. Record using reliable recording technology including a redundant recording so we never lose your files. Remote interview recordings are possible via Source Connect, Skype, Zoom, and phone patch technologies. In addition to recording, we can offer video recording, post-production, uploading, show notes, fact-checking, and a strategy for growing your podcast.

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